Werner Electric Supply History Wall

In 2016, Werner Electric Supply moved into a newly-built facility in Appleton, WI after having been based in Neenah, WI since the company’s founding in 1948. The marketing department was asked to create a “history wall” to be installed in the new lobby. The project serves as a prime example of strong teamwork, diligence, responsiveness to client goals, attention to detail, and the pursuit of creative solutions. For me, in particular, it represents the culmination of skills that I have developed throughout my graphic design career.

My team was presented with the challenge in late March of 2016 and given the goal of final installation in time for the company grand opening July 17, 2016.

The Parameters:

  • Wall dimensions: 307″ x 116″
  • Include photos and artifacts from company history
  • Visually depict timeline of Werner Electric Supply’s history.

The Process:

  • Research: gather of historic photos and artifacts (such as old Electrical Code books from our founder, awards, articles of incorporation, etc.)
  • Brainstorm: develop rough concepts, and conduct further research into possible materials and techniques. This included visits to the worksite, discussions, sketches, rough drafts.
  • Interview prospective vendors. Prepare RFQs. Discuss timelines, technology, techniques, materials, and costs.
  • Present draft concepts and rough budgets to executive team.
  • Revise and refine concepts, combining components from several designs into one version.
  • Select vendors: sign company and AV company,
  • Work with vendors to select specific materials, define specific components, processes, steps, and schedules.
  • Coordinate project details and schedule with building contractor, electricians, and installers.
  • Procure of materials.
  • Perform detailed production work: write copy, clean-up scanned photos, carefully measurement of working area, create print-ready artwork.
  • Build physical mockup of conduit sculpture.
  • Work with electrician and sign company to fabricate sculpture.
  • Work with internal CMC technicians to cut metal state of WI sign.
  • Review sample digital output, troubleshoot, and approve.
  • Oversee installation or all components including wall wrap, sign components, electrical and data wiring, and video monitors.
  • Develop and maintain digital monitor content.
The wall as blank canvas.
One of a series of initial drafts.
Digital output color match sample sheet.
Final electronic layout.