Song of the River

The water is music. A song, flowing along, with familiar passages and themes, but always changing. Sometimes raucous, sometimes placid, but always moving. I manuever my boat through the song, improvising a melody. Sometimes hitting a sour note – the thunk of the hull against a log, the scrape of a stone, the splash of a mis-timed paddle stroke. Sometimes, harmony.

I chiseled away at this composition little-by-little over several months, and then lost interest and allowed it to languish for a time. But, it is finally complete, and has been digitally printed at 20″ x 30″ on an aluminum panel. The light shimmering on the reflective surface gives the image a luminescence like sunlight on the water’s surface. This was created primarily in Adobe Illustrator, with some additional elements drawn in ProCreate on the iPad, and then embellished in Photoshop.